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Our goal is to give our customers an offline experience on our online shop, an experience that most people in our context are familiar with and trust. With time we will move from a more manual payments processing system to an automated one. 

For every order you place on our platform, order details are automatically generated for you to send to our customer service for processing via WhatsApp.

There is no direct checkout process on our platform and all payments must be processed either via WhatsApp, SMS or call. We understand that trust is a key element in e-commerce. We want to maximize this by ensuring that our customers talk with us about their order and clarify other important issues. While preparing your order, we will ensure that what you see is what you get. We will give you more details about the products and ensure that it matches your expectations before you pay. During this process, you will also clarify other concerns or questions wherever necessary.

In Summary:

1. Once you have generated your order details either by clicking “Order via WhatsApp” on product pages or “Checkout via WhatsApp” on the cart page, send the details directly to our WhatsApp number.

2. Our customer service representative will respond to you and give you more details about the product. As soon as you confirm the product is what you want to get and all your questions answered, you will then move to the next step.

3. Payments are accepted via MTN Mobile Money and Orange Money. For customers who are nearer to us, you can pay upon delivery.

4. Customers will be charged for shipping fees.

Thank you for trusting us. We will keep innovativing to delivery an e-commerce experience that matches our context.